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Just some odds and ends I'd like to move to a home that would value them more than I. Fire me an offer of lemme know what you're looking for. I'm after similar value stuff in return. Cheers.

[Image: oct1101.jpg]
[Image: oct1102.jpg]
[Image: oct1103.jpg]
Dunn is a 1/1, Papelbon is a refractor.
check me for the Ripken triple thread
Check me for the Carlos gongalez btl auto...
Offer sent.

(10-11-2011 01:21 AM)yankeeempire Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the Ripken triple thread
check me for the tabata
check me for any pujols gu cards
Check me for the Trumbo autos
check me for the Cargo as well
What are you looking for on the Tex plate?
Could you see If I have anything for the CarGO Letter?
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