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I am throwing these out there to see if there is anything I can get that I like in trade.... I will put a trade value and a sell value next to them,,, not really looking for anything in particular... just something that catches my eye. I like low numbered patch autos and rare rookie autos.

2011 Topps Marquee Mike Minor Museum collection auto numbered 09/10 (only the second one I have seen of these) TV $250 SV $175
[Image: HIGHENDFSFT009.jpg]

2007 Bowman Roy Halladay rookie autograph (these are tough to come by, and are known for the backs being totally white around all edges, again one of the better ones I have seen, I have 2 one I am keeping because I got it from a friend, this is the other that I bought prior) TV $400 SV $335
[Image: NEWSTUFFFSFT014.jpg]
[Image: NEWSTUFFFSFT015.jpg]

2011 TTT Jason Heyward triple jersey gold numbered 1/9 TV $100 SV $50
[Image: HIGHENDFSFT004.jpg]

just post any pics of what you got, not huge at combing through buckets, but I will if needed. PM any $ offers you may have
I got a sweet unripped maddux card in my org if you want to trade for the heyward
Sorry I wouldnt be interested in the Maddux.
Would like a shot at the Castro auto... Too start have a 2010 Heyward bowman platinum auto/swatch (red) maybe we can work something out...
Sorry the Castro is gone
Check me for the Halladay.
I am interested in the halladay. Check my organize. I was going to send you an open offer but you need to mark the halladay for trade. You have 3 cards in your organize but nothing marked for trade.
check me for the Halladay as well
Im interested in the Heyward Auto I have a bunch of Braves autos for trade check my bucket
I would be willing to trade these for the minor and heyward:

[Image: V2T63A.jpg]

pleas note the dirt is not a the card:
[Image: IMG_0017.jpg]
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