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Well I broke down and bought another triple threads box. That one wasn't great, so I got another. That one was worse, so I got a third one and this one was OK, but not great. Have a look.
I have learned my lesson for now and will be staying away from more 2011 Triple threads.

Everything is for trade, but a lot of it is going to hit ebay after a couple days.
I am interested in Twins.

Box 1

[Image: Anderson.jpg]

[Image: MurrayTexJones.jpg]

[Image: Hellickson.jpg]

Box 2

[Image: Minor.jpg]

[Image: Choo.jpg]

[Image: Sanchezauto.jpg]

[Image: Halladay-1.jpg]

Box 3

[Image: Lincecum.jpg]

[Image: Heisey.jpg]

[Image: Fisk.jpg]

And my biggest hit . . .
[Image: McCutchenwood.jpg]
nice McCutchen woody!
Not the greatest pulls, but I've definately seen worse. Please let me know if you're looking to trade/sell the Cutch gu.
how about the triple jersey w/ murry and jones?
Check me for the Heisey. Thanks
Cybertrenz: How about it? Are you interested in buying or trading? If you want to trade, do you have any Twins?
I will check you soon Ohio.
ouch, almost saved it with the McCutchen
Ohio: I didn't see any Twins autos in your ORG. Let me know if I missed something.

Cheetos: Yeah, like I said. It would have been a great break to pull the McCutch on the first box and stop while I was ahead. I had to chase it for three boxes, though. Oh well. It happens. I tell you what, though. I've opened four boxes of this stuff and everything single triple thread auto has been a "Future Phenoms" auto. I though there were veterans and HOFers and this stuff too, but I would never know.
Not sure if they didn't show or if you don't need them, but i do have 3 Twins Auto.
2000 Bowman Autographs #MJR Mike Restovich B
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I probably don't have anything you want but I like the Lincecum.
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