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Had the afternoon off, so went to Wal-Mart after work to get some things for lunch. Decided I needed to bust a couple of packs (guess I'm addicted).

Finished shopping and went to the card aisle. I was checkin out some 2011 products and picked up 2 packs of the Topps update packs. Guy standing there told me there would be nothing in them becuase he had just felt all of them and didn't feel any JSYs. He said he knows what to look for and didn't feel any of them.

I said oh well, grabbed 2 random ones and went to check out. Got in the car and opened the 2 packs. Well, I guess that guy was wrong. I got this nice Molina JSY. I think it's some kind of parallel becuase it's #d. This is an example off the card from the bay. I'll get my exact card scanned after lunch and posted.

It will be FT. Just not sure if I want to wait out for the BV to come out. Anyway, let me know what you guys think of my pull and if you're interested. Thanks.

[Image: MolinaJSY.jpg]
very nice retail pull!
Very nice! I think you just pulled Molinas shoulders....... LOL
Way to go! In your face searcher boy!!!!!!!
lol, guess he should have used a scale
Very nice, and VERY interested. Gotta love pulling things like that after the "experts" go through and can't find anything.
That's great! It's hard for me to get to a card shop in my area. I've always wondered why the packs in retail stores were in such disarray. Very interested if you find anything in my org.
(10-10-2011 03:16 PM)cheetos Wrote: [ -> ]lol, guess he should have used a scale

Scales do not work. a GU card weighs the same as a card pack that does not have a "HIT" in them. Topps is now including dummy cards so it will be harder to feel,poke,shake etc etc for hits.
1 for the good guys. Way to go.
ya but i just saw this, this morning, dam packsearchers just got a hit of a lifetime
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