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I signed up for two Artifacts group breaks and ended up with the Wild and Stars, and here are the results...

[Image: WildBreak.jpg]

[Image: DallasBreak.jpg]

Nothing shocking, but the first two I signed up for landed me Edmonton and Anaheim, and I ended up with next to nothing, two base cards and a random BTP jersey for someone I've never heard of, and probably never will again. Anyway, these are all for trade, of course.

And once again I was lucky enough to find a solo pack of Artifacts sitting alone on the shelf, hoping for someone to come along and buy it. I figured my luck with the last pack rule thus far has been pretty awesome, so why not give it a go? I think I made out OK with it...

[Image: 11-12ArtifactsFrozenArtifactsPatchandSti...Malkin.jpg]

Definitely for trade, but only for a similar Ovechkin card.

Thanks for looking!
you did well congrats
Oh wow...that is a sick Malkin. I'm beginning to wonder if he might have a better career than Ovechkin when all's said and done. I know it's only been one game but my favorite player seems to have lost a step or two.
Man...I buy the last pack of ANYTHING and I get 4 base cards and a Thrasher!
I guess you did ok with the last pack nothing spectacular. Great pull congrats on the hit.
wow last pack dream
The Malkin is simply Sick!!! Congrats on all the goodies!!!
Wow! I didn't know Artifacts even had stick cards! Very nice pull!
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