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Well here are all my James Starks autos and other rookies. I am probably done adding to the PC at the moment. Reason is I am hoping his values really take off this year and will be able to sell these and put it all towards a new Bart Starr RC.

Bowman Sterling JSY
[Image: sterling.jpg]

[Image: Scan112800000.jpg]

Rookies & Stars
[Image: Scan112800002.jpg]

Elite TOTC
[Image: Scan112780001.jpg]

Plates & Patches
[Image: Scan112780000.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot2011-10-07at72707PM.png]

[Image: Scan112710000.jpg]

Epix 33/499
[Image: Epix.jpg]

[Image: Scan112710003.jpg]

Unrivlaed 145/249
[Image: unrivaled.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot2011-10-04at72350PM.png]

[Image: Scan112630001.jpg]

SP Authentic 70/499
[Image: StarksSPA.jpg]

and the crown jewel

Topps Unrivaled Proof 1/1
[Image: 1.jpg]
[Image: 1back.jpg]
oh yea and this one

National Treasures /99
[Image: starkstreasures.jpg]
Sweet collection Smile
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