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A few finally popped up lately at regular auctions. I'm leaving the graded one in case until I figure what I'm going to do with the set. 12 years into the search & I'm at 120 cards with 12 left to find. The 2nd one is a gold version which makes up about a tenth of my set. With any luck I could be done later next year if I keep this average up.

enjoy - (hope to do single pics of the entire set soon)

1. Ricky Waters, paid under $7
[Image: DSCN0087.jpg]

2. Robert Brooks - Gold ver. - paid $50
[Image: DSCN0086.jpg]

3. Daunte Culpepper - This was a Rookie for him, got it for $62.50, told ya that guy on E-bay that's had one listed @ $250 ungraded for at least 2 years was nuts, patience pays off again.
[Image: DSCN0085.jpg]
Which other do you need? Good luck with your set.
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