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Newton is probably the front runner right now, and i hope he does win so that his cards go up Smile but is there anyone one else that has a chance to sneak up on him?
Personally AJ has been SOLID this year(not just because i'm a bengals fan). I think if he keeps it up he might have a shot.
I think if Daniel Thomas can stay healthy for the rest of the year he can. In 2 games he had over 200 yards rushing so i think he would have a shot but its still only 4 games in so.
Ryan Kerrigan baby!
Kerrigan is off to a great start to his career... Von Miller is doing well.. Daniel Thomas staying healthy is a contender... AJ and Julio both doing well right now... Cam is the one front and center though! A lot would have to depend on how well he keeps it going vs. how the others do.
Cam will get it, and I don't think you will see much of a boost in his prices if he does. I would be confident in saying him being ROY is already priced in.
I think Andy Dalton has a shot.
(10-08-2011 04:10 PM)stefanjwhite Wrote: [ -> ]I think Andy Dalton has a shot.

Dalton has a great upside I think, but based on how things have been through the first four weeks, I don't see him being in the running just yet.. He has some tools around him to make him a contender though!
If Newton wins ROY that does not mean his cards will go up.Many players have won the award and there cards stay the same.He needs to win games unlike now where he has big games but keeps losing.
everybody mentioned most of the contenders IMO
Daniel Thomas,Ryan Kerragian(hand down Defensive rookie of the year and maybe overall)
Julio Jones has started coming along,AJ Green had a slow first game and one more slow game...but he also had 2 really good if he can be consistent week in and week out....he has to be mentioned in the debate as well.
but other than Kerragin...there have been some other nice rookie performances...Von Miller,Patrick Peterson among a few others....
but Daniel Thomas has just been nasty when he has played...he is 3rd or 4th in the league in yards per game....I would have to see he is closest to Cam in the running as of right now.
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