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Lol. If you had the I and S, I would give you half the price.... $250.00
OMG! I almost was like.....wowwww how do I say, "ummm stupid move" nicely? hahahaha
I knew you were just joking because you have made tons of posts trying to find those certain couple of letters and you finally just got one. Theres no way you trade em for an electronic device that will be old in a year.
(10-07-2011 09:52 PM)msimonds Wrote: [ -> ]Lol. Just kidding!!!!

I just got an iPad 2. I am on it right now. My Rookie Class Autos are safe and sound ;P

It would take more than an iPad!!!

Just my newton alone would be able to get me 2-3 NEW iPad 2 16g!!

You jokester Big Grin LOL!!!
Wow, that really scared me for a bit. I am happy to see you didn't do it.
dude lol i was like WTH man!!!!
you scared the crap out of me man
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