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I was looking at some on the bay and noticed something about the Quad Jersey/Auto's. The cut out where the auto is are all off center. All the Cam Newton's are that way and a majority of the other RC's. I did notice a few that were centered perfectly. My question is, if someone was to send one of these in to get them graded would it take away from the centering grade? I pulled a A.J. Green quad jersey/auto but had to send it back to Topps because it was damaged. Was thinking about sending it in to get it graded when I get it back but all the A.J.'s are off center like the Cam's. Would BGS take off for that? Examples are below.

Look at the white box where the auto is, all the Cam's I found on the bay are off center to the right. (the cutout that shows the auto)
It's my understanding that the 'auto' grade wouldn't be affected by the centering of the sticker except in the case where the centering obscures part of the auto from being seen through the 'window' (like in the first link there). But as long as the auto is 'completely visible' with no dirt or smudges then it should be a 10 even if there is more 'blank space' on the sticker to the left of the sig than to the right.
I am talking about the box itself. The auto's in Topps Prime are in a cutout section of the card. The sticker is in between the two pieces of cardboard, it isnt just put on top of the card. It is a trapped auto, with a section of the card cut out to see the auto. But the white area that they "cut out" seems to be off a bit on ALL the Cam Newton's and many of the other RC's. Would that affect the centering grade?

The auto is on the inside of the card, they cut out a window so you can see the auto. The auto isnt just placed on the outside of the card, it is actually contained inside the card.
hmm... I think it'd be ok. but guess that isn't up to me lol.
yea I agree. Guess I could wait until I see some of the Cam's Graded go up on the bay and see what kind of grades they get.
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