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I'll come back and add more detail in a little while, but just happy to get a 'hit' out of a non-hit box. Was bored at work, so ran down to the LCS about 10 min away and bought a box of 2011 Score. Got a PC card, Jamie Harper Scorecard, and was almost done, probably on pack 33/36 and... nice! An unexpected auto: 2011 Score Signatures #163 Percy Harvin.

Loading it in the org now if anybody is interested. Sticker auto, but its pretty clean, and at least the sticker looks to be pretty symmetrically aligned. I hate it when the sticker looks like it was applied by a 9 year old with no concept of what 'parallel' means.

I do love sets that are deeper on the checklist like base topps and score, I must say I may buy another box next week and try to put together the set just because busting packs is fun and at least at the rate of $35/box for 36 packs its fairly inexpensive Smile

Updated 10/11/11

Ok so here's the goods:

Obviously a ton of base lol, and rookies, notables: Ingram, J.Jones

Glossy RC's: Aldon Smith, Greg Little, Kris Durham, Patrick Peterson, Robert Housler, Roy Helu Jr, T.J. Yates, Delone Carter (for usaf...), Bruce Carter (for jdetter23)

Complete Players:
Clay Matthews, Tim Tebow, Dallas Clark, Wes Welker, Felix Jones, Vernon Davis Scorecard

Millennium Men: Troy Polamalu, Ladainian Tomlinson (Son's PC), Chris Johnson (PC), Steven Jackson, Donovan McNabb

In The Zone: Tony Romo, Steve Smith, Braylon Edwards, Ndamukong Suh, Joe Flacco, Darren McFadden, Matt Cassel, Chad Johnson, Philip Rivers Glossy, Josh Freeman Gold Zone

Hot Rookies: Daniel Thomas, Kyle Rudolph, Leonard Hankderson, Torrey Smith, Titus Young, Greg Little, Andy Dalton, A.J. Green, Jerrel Jernigan Glossy, Randall Cobb Scorecard

Base Parallels:
Tyler Sash RC, Stanley Havili RC, Jamie Harper RC (PC)

Gold Zone: Jeremy Kerley RC, Stephen Paea RC, Tyron Smith RC

Red Zone: Jake Long

End Zone: Ricky Stanzi **I know somebody on here was looking for Stanzi cards, and supposedly these 'end zone's are SP'd to only 6, but they aren't numbered.

And of course the Harvin auto (which is gone now).

All in all, for the $35. I think it was a fun box to open and may do another to finish the base set.
Nice hit, especially since it was unexpected... happen to hit any Edmond Gates parallels?
any bruce carter parallels?
(10-07-2011 07:36 PM)nickfromcwe Wrote: [ -> ]Nice hit, especially since it was unexpected... happen to hit any Edmond Gates parallels?

(10-07-2011 08:54 PM)jdetter23 Wrote: [ -> ]any bruce carter parallels?

Will check and advise both of you tomorrow Smile Pretty sure I got the Bruce Carter Glossy though...
If you do decide to do the set I have a bunch of extras.....busts a few boxes of the stuff...
Awesome. Smile
by the way, would you be wanting to trade the Percy Harvin auto? and saw ya collect the platinum golds, I got the Aldon Smith one tonight in a Blaster 30/50
Updated. Loading in org now if anybody needs anything. Like to know more about the 'end zone' Stanzi, if it really is SP'd to /6 or not.
Not bad
Nice hit!
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