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ive got about 10 or 11 cards and looking to acquire more. anyone that has any send me an offer or let me know that you have some available.
i have a 56 Dick Groat FT
(10-07-2011 06:28 PM)jimfalbo21 Wrote: [ -> ]i have a 56 Dick Groat FT

what shape is it in?
I do have Ruben Gomez #9 in Ex+ condition, Ray Narleski #133 in Ex and Sandy Consuegra #265 in VG-EX.
here it is

[Image: 010-8.jpg]
That's a 55, not a 56.
[Image: Image11-1.jpg]
oops, I have 2 55's and 1 56...the 56 isn't FT, sorry
I have some but i gotta dig them out lol
I have these
117 virgil trucks
128 eddie yost
I think i have scans in the bucket

i do have the '56 groat 24 but it's in kinda rough shape
looking for $7 a piece on trucks and yost
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