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Working on getting these into my organize, but they are for sale.

Ken Griffey Jr Ultimate Collection GU Auto #/35 $75 OBO
[Image: IMG_0021.jpg]

Alex Rodriguez Bowman Best Auto $80 OBO
[Image: IMG_0068.jpg]

Alex Rodriguez Bowman Best Magenta Printing Plate 1/1 $60 OBO
[Image: IMG_0002-11.jpg]

Justin Verlander USA RC Auto #/750 $60 OBO
[Image: IMG_0005-2.jpg]

Tommy Hanson XFactor RC Auto #/225 $40 OBO
[Image: e3b77a07.jpg]

Bryce Harper Bowman Purple Boarder $20
[Image: IMG_0004-5.jpg]

Josh Hamilton Sweet Spot Glove Auto #/250 $60 OBO
[Image: IMG_0007-7.jpg]

Josh Hamilton Exquisite RC GU Auto #/199 $60 OBO
[Image: IMG_0001-12.jpg]

Matt Kemp Baseball Heroes GU Auto #/10 $40 OBO
[Image: IMG_0005-12.jpg]

Lance Berkman Timless Treasures Patch Auto #/10 $60 OBO
[Image: IMG_0001-2.jpg]

Albert Pujols 2001 Fleer Focus RC #/999 $85
[Image: 8aa90b2a.jpg]

Ryan Braun 2007 Bowman Best RC Auto $40 OBO
[Image: IMG_0011-5.jpg]

Ryan Braun UD Game Jersey Auto #/25 $50 OBO
[Image: IMG_0025.jpg]

Grady Sizemore Sweet Spot Glove Auto #/15 $60 OBO
[Image: IMG_0004-4.jpg]

Cole Hamels Baseball Heroes GU Auto #/10 $40 OBO
[Image: IMG_0018-2.jpg]

Tim Lincecum Tristar Auto #/200 $50 OBO
[Image: IMG_0004-7.jpg]

Nolan Ryan Dual GU Auto #/10 $100 OBO
[Image: IMG_0007-11.jpg]

Eddie Mathews Auto #/2000 $40 OBO
[Image: IMG_0005-10-1.jpg]

Ernie Banks Auto #/25 $50 OBO
[Image: IMG_0004-16.jpg]

Roger Clemens Bowman Heritage Auto $50 OBO
[Image: IMG_0009-1-2.jpg]

Bob Gibson Auto $50 OBO
[Image: IMG_0021-2-1.jpg]

Dave Winfield Jumbo GU Auto #/19 $50 OBO
[Image: IMG-2.jpg]

Hank Aaron Front Row Auto $40 OBO
[Image: IMG-2.jpg]
i like the griffey auto but for trade only. see what you like
Not trading at the moment.

Arod Bowman Best Auto Gone
Bryce Harper Bowman Purple Boarder Gone
Verlander Auto Gone
Both Hamilton Auto's Gone
Lemme know if you choose to move any Votto AUs.
I got some new hof stuff and 2 jeters in if you feel like unlocking some longos or brauns. They are listed ft , lmk if you want a nice musial, a koufax, and an ernie banks on the way along with the jeters .
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