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Okay I did a thread about your favorite card a few days heres the showoff Thread...whats your rarest,most expensive card you own and how much did you have to shell out for it. If you pulled it then how much does beckett say its worth/recent sales.

Mine I unfortunately sold before I took a picture
Was a 2004-05 Sp authentic Triple auto of Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant/ and Dr. J. I got $1000 cash and the same in trade. The same box I pulled it out of had a super short printed magic johnson auto. I was 13 when I pulled the card so lets just say I freaked out.
For strictly football through It was a tony dorsett 50th anniversary auto I pulled out of topps total. Sold for $565. Ik I was shocked too
I think right now my most expensive card is a '10 Bowman Sterling Triple Auto ... Bradford, Tebow, and Clausen. It was pack pulled. E-Bay has them going for around $400. I'm still debating whether or not to throw it on the 'bay to see what I could get for it. There is no Beckett value associated since its a /10.


This may all change depending on how my 1984 Jerry Rice RC does at BGS... It's currently a bCCg 10 but its in superb condition...corners should definitely get a 9.5, edges should also get a 9.5, I'm thinking so should centering. I'm just concerned with my surface score given how old the card is. Keeping fingers crossed!
thats pretty sick...And id wait to see if denver lets tebow start. and if clausen wasnt playing behind newton. great card! especially since it was pack pulled makes it even better
the most expensive i own is this
[Image: Brees1.jpg]
[Image: Brees-1.jpg]

the most expensive i pulled was
Sold for $575
[Image: scan0142.jpg]
Thats one of the nicest bress cards ive seen and I envy that pull
The one the left (season ticket) is my most expensive. The seller drove a pretty hard bargain, but I had to have it to go with the superbowl ticket.

[Image: bradyGT001-2.jpg]
Okay you win...haha
I kind hate to say this is my most expensive but, I really think it is. I shelled out about 380.00 for it. I wanted it and I hate missing out on PC items and I had to have it. Soooooo........

[Image: HarryDouglas2008ExquisiteRookieSignature...ogo1_1.jpg]

And I paid 225.00 for its counterpart...

[Image: HarryDouglas2008ExquisiteRookieSignature...hRC1_1.jpg]

I got them both off the Bay and neither is priced.
beauty and the exact same! real nice stuff man
I'm not sure what the most expensive card I own is...could be one of my MANY Stafford's, now that he is playing well...but here is what I paid the most for. I needed it to complete the set, so I figured I'd get a good one Smile

[Image: 1998BowmanRookieAutoPeytonManning.jpg]

but it could be one of these....

Bowman Chrome Rookie Jersey Autographs 9/10
[Image: StaffordBowmanChromeGoldJsyAuto.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Superfractor 1/1
[Image: BowmanSuperfractorStafford.jpg]

Certified Freshman Fabric Jumbo Mirror Black 1/1
[Image: StaffordCertifiedNFL1of1.jpg]

Donruss Elite Black Status Auto 1/1
[Image: StaffordEliteStatusBlack.jpg]

Finest Moments Autographs White Xfractors 1/1
[Image: StaffordXfractorAuto.jpg]

Playoff National Treasures NFL Logo 1/1
[Image: staffordtreasuresNFLlogo.jpg]

SP Authentic Gold Jersey Autographs /25
[Image: Stafford.jpg]

UD Black Dual Autographs Blue 1/1
[Image: udblack1of1.jpg]
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