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Full Version: UFC Sets
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Anyone interested in UFC Sets? I

have Round 1, Round 2, Main Event, Series 4, Title Shot, Leaf MMA for sale or trade. Have most UFC Master Sets as well and several extra Gold Sets for Trade or Sale if anyone is interested.

Also if anyone is looking to finish of sets I have 1000s of common cards and inserts from all UFC/MMA products
do u have anymore of my needs???

Round 1 Needs
Victorious Debuts- #5,12,14,18
Top Ten Fights- #4,5,6,11,12,13,14,21,22,23,28,29,30,33,35

Round 2 (2009) Needs
Greats of Game-#1
Photo Finish- 2

Main Event Needs

Ultimate Fighters-#4,21

Title Shot Needs
Legacy #1, 4,9,11,18
Ive got these:

Round 2
Photo Finish- 2

Title Shot Needs
Legacy #1,4,9,11,18

do you have a finest set?
Syaney can you add them so we can get them into our current trade? Thanks man!
I have not finished breaking down all the commons. If I don't have one I am sure it will be within 2-3 cards of being complete. I will let you konw.
i need two posters out of main event if theres any chance you got em.. UFC4 and UFC70. let me know. i'll trade a relic card or mat or something if you want
I definitly have UFC 70.......UFC 4 I will have to check it was the last card I needed to finish my first master set and it took a long time to track one down.
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