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Was out at the LCS today to pick up my box of 11-12 Artifacts. We to say the least, I love this product so far this year. Ended up with 2 full boxes and 6 loose packs from 2 different boxes. Here are my hits.

Stars and Legends

[Image: 2011-12Arifacts-1.jpg]


[Image: 2011-12Arifacts-2.jpg]

Rookies and a Parallel

[Image: 2011-12Arifacts-3.jpg]

Parallels and Auto's

[Image: 2011-12Arifacts-4.jpg]

Now onto the Game Used Hits

[Image: 2011-12Arifacts-5.jpg]

Interesting coloring on the Bourque (the one swatch has a bit of red in the one corner) and my first ever Coffey G/U Card

[Image: 2011-12Arifacts-6.jpg]

Of all the Artifacts I have opened of the years I have never pack pulled a triple until today and I get 2 decent ones.

And now the top 3


Emerald Jersey Patch /65 Pavel Datsyuk
[Image: 2011-12ArtifactsEmeraldJsyPatch13Datsyuk.jpg]


Tundra Tandems Patch - Ryan Miller (3 Color) / Tyler Myers (2 Color)
[Image: 2011-12ArtifactsTundraTandemsPatchTT2MMMiller-Myers.jpg]

and finnally


Horizontal Gold Spectrum Dual Patch Robin Lehner 1/9 (Top Patch 4 Color - Bottom Patch 2 color but there is a nice set of stitching in the black area)
[Image: 2011-12ArtifactsHorizontalGoldPatch97Lehner.jpg]

All in All, I am very happy with this break and I cannot wait until I crack my next box.

All comments are welcome.

Oops, for got my redemption's.

Wild Card #241
Predators #217
Congrats, great breaks! Check me if you'd like to trade the Daysyuk or the McCollum.
Any interest in moving the Avs trios?
Real strong boxes!
sweet patches!!!
please check me for that miller. Really like that card!
Great Breaks! Interested in the Datsyuk!
Nice boxes you have there. I am interested in the Bourque and the Miller/Myers patches. Let me know if we can work something out.
Sick patches
Very nice break Chris!!! That Lehner is SUPER!!! I'm going to try and get any of the Horizontal /9 and Base dual patch /15 as I can. So if your interested in moving it LMK. Congrats on the very nice break!!!
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