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those that were around in 2008 know how crazy the prices for the legends inscriptions were going. I mean the prizes went through the dang roof. This was the first year I could not obtain all of the pearson autographs. Especially hard since 2 were numbered to 5 and 1 to 9. 3 years later I finally have them. Two are even matching numbers.

The Fox one is my favorite and the hardest for me to lose back then. This was davids first nickname and I wanted it bad. The average price back then was 300.00

HERE THEY are finally now I only need the two quad autographs from five star 1 is numbered to 15 the other is 1/1

[Image: st10.jpg]

I was going to wait to post these because I have three plates and a /10 coming in but I decided I wanted these in my album ASAP
Nice additions....I always like the inscription signatures.
Excellent additions! Congrats, Michael. I'm glad you finally got to add them to your PC.
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