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Full Version: OT: newest injury...
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another one bites the dust...

in comes SAGE ROSENFELS... wow... just wow...Smile
They would probably be better off giving Devlin a chance. Heck maybe event try to trade for Jimmy Clausen, Brad Quinn, or even Tim Tebow.
Looks like Miami is getting LUCKy
(10-06-2011 04:29 PM)bostonsports1 Wrote: [ -> ]Looks like Miami is getting LUCKy

I mean there has to be a reason we brought Sage back (has proven to suck in Miami) instead of Garrard(a solid NFL QB)
They could have made a play for VY, Tebow or Clausen, but instead brought back a scrub... Looks to me they want Luck BAD!!!
None of those three will even have an NFL career you'll remember in 10 years.....
(10-06-2011 05:43 PM)joe callahan13 Wrote: [ -> ]None of those three will even have an NFL career you'll remember in 10 years.....

Fair enough... But neither will Henne or Sage...Wink at least VY has a great W/L record...
(10-06-2011 05:46 PM)superynaldo Wrote: [ -> ]Fair enough... But neither will Henne or Sage...Wink at least VY has a great W/L record...

I bet Andrew Luck will Smile
(10-06-2011 05:47 PM)Marinoisking Wrote: [ -> ]I bet Andrew Luck will Smile

That remains to be seen... He is a fantastic college player though...
Every QB mentioned in this thread is garbage except Luck of course. None of these guys should even be in the league except maybe Tebow and Garrard. Tebow is a stretch but if we havent seen him on the field its hard to say he cant play.

The issues with the Phins go so deep that even landing Luck wont change the culture surrounding the team. Miami is probably the worst sports town in America. If the fans dont fill up the seats the owner(s) spend less money. They didnt bring in Garrard because they didnt want to pay him the amount Garrard wanted. Even if Garrard was signed so what. Best case scenario is a 6-10 season. I too would rather save the money than giving it to Garrard knowing your season is already over.

The majority owner needs to step up and be the face of the franchise and create a culture change that losing is not acceptable. The fans need to get over the Marino effect. He is never coming back so stop comparing every new QB to Marino. All this does is put added pressure on the new QB and sets unrealistic goals. Marino was a once in a lifetime player. Can you imagine what pressure Luck will be under if drafted by the Phins??? It will be a media storm of Marino vs. Luck. I would love to have Luck but replacing a legend is almost impossible.

They need to fire Sparano ASAP. They dont even want him to be the coach. How can players buy into a coach who is not backed by the management??? Quite honestly when you look up and down on their roster they have some good to even great players. No way they should be 0-4 right now. I didnt predict a playoff run this year but I also wouldnt have been shocked if they won the wild card at 9-7 or even 10-6.

Kevin Burnett and Reggie Bush have been horrible. Daniel Thomas cant stay healthy. Henne is terrible when the pressure is on and most importantly looks exactly the same as he did back in 2009 when he first became the starter. There has been little to no progress with his game. The O-line hasnt performed the way I thought they would. I had them in the top 5 Olines in the league when the season started. And Brandon Marshall??? Whats going on with this guy??? Only 4 TD catches in a Phins uni. Calvin Johnson does that in one half of one game lol. Cmon man step it up already!!!

In the end the Phins are terrible. The ownership is terrible. The fan base in Miami is terrible. Everything started going downhill in that organization ever since Dan Marino retired. They were never prepared to maintain without him. The Phins have no shot of turning this around unless they find someone to bring in like they did with Parcells because they have no clue what they are doing. I would recommend hiring a big time coach and give him complete control or at least the majority of control to run things. ie Gruden, Cowher, Billick, etc.
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