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I was very lucky...and I am very happy.

Now that is 3 incredible tins.
Amazing stuff Jason, Congrats! That is one sweet hit can't wait to see that one
Nice stuff Jason, you made out really well there.
I'd say you murdered that break, congrats on all the awesome hits! Can't wait to see that redemption, when it comes in, you'd better post it!
i just went to the end, congrats on that monster hit

stop while you are ahead!!!!

looking forward to the scans
Geeez. I hope when I can afford a tin, it's like that. Scans are going to be awesome agreed
Thanks everyone. I had a cup break a few weeks back and I was beat down for the most part but decided to go for it again. As an Oiler fan I'm stoked about that card. When I get them in hand/redeemed I will toss up some pics for sure. Most of it will be going to ebay.
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome tins!! Congrats on all of those. Can't wait to see the scans.
can you scan everything in before listing it on the bay?
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