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Looking to complete this set, I have some lineage and platinum for trade for the ones interested, I will load them up if someone is interested.

Here's what I need:
Prospects: 46,72,73,82,83,98
Purple Prospects: 6,14,26,27,48,52,89,90,96,97
Most of the ruby red variations.


LINEAGE: 4,9,11(2),17,34,59,78,82,88,91,114,118,119,127,
132 ,136,138,148,150,156,167,177,181,185

LINEAGE MINI 75': 12,133,177


BOWMAN PLATINUM MAIN SET: 2(2),4(2),8,9,11,12,13(2),16,17(2),18(2),21,23,26,29,33(2),36(2),37,38,39,41(2),​44,46,47,49,52,53,57,59,62,65,67,68,69,70(2),71,72,73,
74,75,76(2),78,79(2),83,84 (2),87(3),88(2),89(2),91,92(3),99,100

BOWMAN PLATINUM PROSPECTS: 21,32,34,44,48,65(2),70,84,88,97

Again if interested, pm or post and I will put them in my org.
You have 2 different "needs" for both prospects and purple refractors - which is correct?
I might be able to help you out, check my org if you'd like.
I don't understand what it is you need. And none of these are in your org and your needs are not in your org. I may have what you need but don't know unless you load them.
check me i have some that u may need
Sorry, the post is now in order, as the post says I don't have them on my organize yet, if someone is interested in whats posted of what I have let me know. I will check org's but if your not interested in what I have here there's nothing else I have to trade right now. Enrique
Lineage and platinum are in my org now.
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