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Here's the goods:

Base Veterans: 29 cards, no dupes, good looking cards, very bright, 'no borders' thick cardstock, not as thick as inception, but 'grade-wise' would do much better than inception.

Green Parallel: 8 cards, C. Johnson, G. Jennings, S. Tulloch, P. Manning, M. Jones-Drew, J. Witten, M. Vick, T. Brady

Prime Veterans: P. Harvin, A. Peterson

Prime Rookies: T. Jones, M. Ingram, T. Young, D. Thomas, D. Murray, J. Locker (PC)

Dual Combo: (non jersey) R.Cobb/A. Green

Quad Combo: (non jersey) C. Newton/J. Locker/B. Gabbert/C. Ponder

Silver: #'d/930 C. Kaepernick, J. Kerley, J. Todman
Gold: #'d/699 D. Lewis
Blue: #'d/599 J. Rodgers x2 Sad
Red: #'d/499 J. Todman, D. Murray
Purple: #'d/399 T. Young
Green: #'d/99 J. Kerley

HITS (3 instead of 4)

Prime Rookie Jumbo Relic: Torrey Smith 203/318 big white perforated jersey swatch

Rookie Autographs: Daniel Thomas 153/250

Best hit of the box:

Triple Relics Gold: Kendall Hunter/Delone Carter/Taiwan Jones 02/50 good looking card, Red Perforated (holes) jersey for Hunter, solid white for Carter and solid black for Jones.

Good looking stuff, undecided if I think it was worth the $90 at the LCS or not... Depends I guess on what Topps does about the missing hit.
Not bad, hope Topps works out with you. I got a Harper /399 from Prime, LMK if you need it
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