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Andre Johnson autos always seem to go for $100+ on eBay. In the OPG, I see this one:

2008 Donruss Playoff Silver Signatures #AJ Andre Johnson/104*

and while I won't say what the BV is, I will tell you that it is the same price as some common autos I have.

Is this because of the set it is in? (I wasn't back to collecting in 2008, I know nothing about it.) I mean, it is SP'ed to 104, not numbered to a couple thousand like some of the newer ones. It is an Andre Johnson auto, not some no-name guy. Does it look strange to anyone else?
probably just a glitch or oversight imho Wink
Error for sure...
I see a Andre autos go pretty cheap sometimes....and I know a lot of them dont book as much as they should...same thing with Calvin...but his are usually a bit pricier even tho there are tons more.
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