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been along time since i have posted here so here it goes, card is sealed in playoff prime cuts screwdown and is the 1st one made, i am looking for highend auto's of herman killebrew,duke snider,willie mays,reggie jackson,ken griffey jr,frank robinson or any other highend hof/star auto's,lmk what you have to offer

[Image: 2004PrimeCutsMLBIconsAuto01-25.jpg]
I'm don't have anything in your ORG though
are you talking about the collection folder? its been over 3 yrs since i been here,lmk
man take the BV off the post or they will shut it down, I have some things I may PM you about this
ok got it in the org now
thanks db, post edited
PM sent
make sure its in a public folder and that you have a 1 in the "trade away" column
yeah still not showing FT, you likely need to mark 1 in the trade away spot. Click the little globe by the folder its in to make it public.
to the top
still interested
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