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Full Version: New and confused
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I recently posted to threads trtying to sell my collection. I realize my error when it comes to the big collection. I don't have the time to load EVERY card in my organize.

However as far as my other. I do have all those cards loaded into my organize. I am not sure why that post was deleted but how do I link my organize with a new post? I did read the thread for new posters (several times) and it talks about trades and doing business in the trades tab. Does that go for selling as well?

Please help and thanks, Kevin
first you select your cards from the price guide, then you go to your organize tab and mark each on for trade with quantity. Btw with the other stuff you posted for sale from the 80's you probably will only get close to 50 bucks if that for them. not being mean just that era was so mass produced that the cards values are so low. and there were few stars in those sets.
Yes, you have to go to your organize and go to "layouts" and select "sell". Then place prices after every card. If you select all you could just place a set price like 25 cents for all in the fill spot and then prices can be negotiated as you go.
Ok so I went to my organize, set the prices according to what beckett says, now how does everyone else see that? Thats the part I don't understand. Kevin
through the trades page, we select cards but we can only add cash for cards you have marked FS
Beckett is not Free. If you have more than 100 cards in your org you have to pay a fee to be seen. Not sure you can just come and sell without having cards entered for trade also.....I mostly trade and am not sure of all the particulars for newbies.

If you purchase the On LIne Price Guide, the organize fee is a gift...Mel
The cards for sale also show if anyone goes to your profile page. I see 145 cards FS now.
I have subscribbed and have now updated for sale.
1. do you have your cards in a folder marked public
2. do you have a credit card on file
I do now, just saw that and yes. But why do I need a card to sell?
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