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Ok i couldnt procrastinate any longer or i would of gotten a splitting migraine. I just asked my daughter which one looks perdy and she picked this one:

2011 Topps Prime it is!
[Image: toppsprime.jpg]

So if you have anyone you would be interested in trading for when it gets here, put in your reserve. I got this box just so i can start getting stuff i can trade with you guys and gals for some stuff i like. Not everyone i find out is a dallas cowboys nut(I know crazy right?Wink) Only thing i may likely put on fleabay is any cam newtons.

Check the list so you know who's toes your gonna have to step on lol

Taiwan Jones: rgf17
Edmond gates: Nickfromcwe
Hines Ward: ftballcardz
Raiders fan and Jones doubles: cybertrenz02
Kendall Hunter: baycitysfinest
Andy Dalton and Jeremy Kerley: swindlehurst
Mark Sanchez and Darrel Revis: oriolesrule2005
Jacquizz Rodgers: te2333, 2nd dibs: mattfastiggi
Titus Young: nuccionino
Texans: jacobclark04240
Eagles: philly eagle in az
Dez Bryant: jncdrew
Jeremy Maclin: bigt314
Some base stuff: crazyforkinsler5
Packers: bigtrip18
Bears: lsolarte1
Daniel Thomas: Marinoisking
Patriots: cardsma
Jake Locker: uwash97
Hit me a nice Edmond Gates!! I just got a 2010 Limited Darren Woodson prime jsy auto 15/15 I would LOVE to trade a cowboys fan for one!
I'm interested in any Hines Wards that you may pull.
Any raiders and Taiwan Jones
ok got you guys added and nick, you know how bad i miss a guy like darren woodson right now lol
(10-03-2011 05:20 PM)CowboysFanatic Wrote: [ -> ]ok got you guys added and nick, you know how bad i miss a guy like darren woodson right now lol

I'm sure!! I'm not a huge Cowboys fan now, but really liked some of their stars from that time... Even if you get no Gates, we could try to work something out on if you are interested.
Kendall Hunter! Thank you.
interested in andy dalton and jeremy kerley
Updated list. I wonder if she thought A-Rod was a hottie? Or maybe its because she is a big cheese head, i cant keep it in the fridge for nothin..
If you get anything of Sanchez or Revis let me know please. Good luck!
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