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First off, I picked up a $10 box of collectors choice from walmart and scored again:

[Image: d.jpg]

[Image: c.jpg]

[Image: b.jpg]

Then last 4 loose packs of Artifacts from a new LCS (worst odds ever, lol):

[Image: a.jpg]

I WON'T BE GOING BACK THERE. Obviously there is some shady business going on.

And some trader Mail:

[Image: perry1.jpg]

[Image: neely12.jpg]





[Image: royhonorable.jpg]
Might as well go for the CC master set haha. Nice pick up too. And same thing happened at a LCS by me. Picked up 9 loose packs total out of 2 boxes last year. No hits. Picked up 8 loose packs of 2006/07 Parkhurst hobby, not even a numbered card.
Ive quit buying loose packs. Too many shady characters. I cant figure out why Upper Deck doesnt fix the problem by putting dummy cards in all the packs.
Oh and sweet cards, the Roy is amazing!!
That Roy is we have 5 colors? Also, what's is that a little hole in the maroon portion of the swatch?

Anyway, great mailday as usual.
Sweet Roy!! congrats on the pickups...nice additions!
very nice hits and sweet PC mail!!
That Roy is amazing! What patch is the Neely?
Where is that Neely patch from? All-star game?
That is a sick Roy card congrats on picking that up. I would assume All Star patch on the Neely. That sucks about the loose packs. I like the Corey Perry.
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