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Picked up a box of 2011/12 Artifacts. Here's the hits & misses. All for trade. Not scanned is a Rookie Wild Card Redemption RED-240 already redeemed.

[Image: ArtifactsBreak.jpg]

All are listed in my ORG. LMK if anyone is looking for base cards, I did not put them in my traders. The Timo Pielmeier is the #/99 emerald version. Thanks for the look!
nice hits

hope the traders go to a good home
Can you check my org for the Drury and/or Mess? Thanks!
Check me for the Toews/Kane
Nice break.
Nice Moose
Nice hits on the Messier and the Kane/Toews dual.
Check my org for the Toews/Kane or lmk what you are looking for. Thanks
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