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Just wanted to see what a general concensus is on this. I know that sometimes people sell or trade a card or maybe when the system switched over, had some cards stay in their organize and have since traded them. In fact, I just did a trade where something was showing in my organize and I in fact didn't have the item. I contacted the trader and asked if I have something that I could replace that card with for them because mistakes do happen. They picked something else out and it will be sent to them, something they wanted. In the past two weeks I have completed trades with a few members and two of them did not have something that was marked in their organize and they sent me what they thought I may have liked in return. I at least try to at least appease the trader with something of their liking and make it right for my error, but these two individuals made an effort to make it right, but sent items that were not needed when they possibly had something I could have substituted. How do you go about leaving feedback for a situation like this? On the one trade, I was shorted cards as well and have PM'd the trader, but have not received a reply. I WILL NOT be outing anyone in public on this thread, so please refrain from asking me to do so!
id be mad anytime i have not had something i have always left them a messege saying is there anything else you see that i have that i can send you or u just want to take a card out that i would be recieving something like that
I would try my best to work it out with those other traders before leaving any kind of feedback. The common courtesy would be to let you know they did not have the card you wanted and ASK you what replacement YOU wanted. Otherwise, simply agree not to ship to each other and reinstate the cards back in your org.

Since that is too late for this case, I would try work something out by trading back the card they sent you for something you really want. If they refuse, then they should receive negitive feedback and I would explain in the comments what happened. I would not want to deal with people who don't make right on their mistakes/errors in judgement.
This has happened to me twice as well. I messaged both and told them "it's not okay to just substitute anything, you need to see what we like or rework the deal." I don't get why people see this as okay. You trade for what you want and if you wanted the other cards you would have inquired. If a person deals a card they don't have they should let you pick something comparable IMO. People should learn never to accept deals until the cards are pulled. I had this happen one time and that is all it took to learn my lesson. If I accept a deal you had better believe I have the cards in front of me.

That is why our last deal took a week, you remember.

P.S. I have never left bad feedback for this but it does warrant a knock IMO. I am just easy I guess. I always have PM'd though to let them know I disagreed.
(10-03-2011 02:18 PM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]People should learn never to accept deals until the cards are pulled. I had this happen one time and that is all it took to learn my lesson. If I accept a deal you had better believe I have the cards in front of me.

Ditto - I learned that lesson early on too. Never hit accept (or counteroffer) until I have the cards pulled for that trade.

On the other point, I would guess that at least 10-15% of my trades someone either substitutes a card or just sends the wrong card (wrong parallel, etc). I'm probably too soft too, and as long as it's reasonably close in BV and I can use the card (either for a PC or to re-trade), I don't make a big stink about it.

However, that's just me. If it makes a difference to you (and no reason it shouldn't), message the other user and let them know of your disappointment and request a suitable resolution to the problem. If they refuse or are otherwise problematic, I see no reason not to reflect that in feedback and/or get a mod involved (if it warrants doing so).
Unfortunately I am guilty on a few trades of not having something that is in my org. But this is truly due to generosity by sending a bunch of extras in 99% of all my trades, and not nuking them from my organize . Most of the cards I have been short on are all base. But as you all know, if I make a mistake, which I have on a .75 cent card, I make up for it at times with $20.00 worth of stuff you want...But communication is key... I never just send and say sorry.... that's not good trading etiquette. Just shoot it straight with the other trader, don't just send replacements which you think are good value in your eyes...
This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I was so mad at myself for not pulling them out first I just went to a shop in the next town and bought the missing card. I was just lucky it was under $5.
I have spent the last month revamping my org and trying to pull out all that practically messed up stuff. It got to the point that every trade I was trying to do had phantom cards in it.

My problem started when Beckett was down and I was trading without the system and couldn't get the cards removed from my org. Next when the new system transfered over it actually put all the previous trades from the beginning back into my listings. It also marked all my Wants as Haves. What a mess!

As I was trying to fix it items would keep comming back. I think every time they(Beckett) rebooted the system it took all that old information and put it back into my org. I was going in circles.

Be a little patient with those whos stuff was as messed up as mine. Have to say I don't think I was substituting anything without letting my fellow trader knowing.

Anyway, I should be back to something near normal in a couple more weeks...Mel
It just happened to me not once but twice. but i straightened it out with one trader and waiting on a reply from the other. I think all the traders from the old system have to revamp their organize because i think it will be a common occurrence. After i mop up these trades i think i'm going to rework my organize as to save me the embarrassment of not having the card on hand. My GU/Autos are straight it's the base/inserts that are driving me up the wall.
I'm laid back. If I do a trade with someone and they are missing the card. I usually don't mind. I appreciate the heads up and the honesty over receiving the cards and being short. Now what I don't like is receiving a card I didn't trade for. I'm not talking about a card shipped in replacement of a card that they no longer have. I mean a card pulled by accident and the trader not correcting the issue. I still leave a full star feedback. I hate to be the one to ruin the 5.00 score. Although I should toughen up because I'm getting some dirty stuff. Toploaders with facial hair "i hope" and one card came in what looked to be cheeto crumbs. Just sick.
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