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So I busted my first new (as in non-old school) non-retail box, went for 10-11 SP Authentic.

I did about as well as the odds state. Got all four holo f/x, also pulled a Jordan Draft Edition GU piece and got a common MJ floor card (my first MJ relic!) which is one in every 2 boxes. Also got about 85% of the base set and all the key cards (MJ, Bird, Magic, D-Rose, Dr. J).

The second auto, however, you won't find in the scans. It's a redemption. I've never had to deal w/ one before and I'm almost tempted not to. Any guesses who it is? I'll post it in a couple days.

Scan is below, all are FT except the MJ floor card. Thanks for looking!
Tarheels lol shoulda asked me about this box before ya got one(yuck) haha. Does it not say on the redemption what number it is in the series so u can look on a checklist?
No it says, I know who it is, it's just a lousy redemption so I'm curious as to what people will guess haha.
haha who is it? can't be worse than the 2 autos I got out of my box. Lazar Hayward and Hamady Ndiaye
Is is Jordan or Lebron? I have had great experiences with Upper deck and they have filled all redemptions I have had in the past.
If you want to finish the base set check me as I bust a few of them and got extra of the base cards.
My guess is Mark Few!
It should tell you who it is if you redeem it... or check the number against the checklist... if it is a nobody.. hopefully, they'll never get the guy to sign, so you can ask for a replacement & maybe get an auto of somebody you want...

I like the designs of SPA 10-11, but not too happy about college uniforms or the price per box/packs... Have not bought any boxes & will not buy any...
Sweet mj
The auto redemption I spoke of earlier is for...

Candace Parker. Hopefully our Knoxville trader will be interested cause that's about the only place I would imagine this card would be in demand!
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