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Thanks to everyone who posted their interest in my Triple Threads pulls. Once they're added to the database I'll respond to those messages. In the meantime, here's some other stuff I've either just acquired or just listed FT for the first time. This is all in the org and makred FT, so send me offers or lemme know what you're interested in. I'm looking for equal valued cards or to trade up, as my capacity is pretty tight, so I won't be trading down. Cheers.

[Image: oct21.jpg]
[Image: oct22.jpg]
[Image: oct23.jpg]
That Ruth & Bonds is sick!!
intersted in the braun as well as the bonds
interested in the trumbo's and braun
Thanks man, so is that patch card in your sig. Lemme know if you wanna talk trade.

(10-02-2011 09:06 PM)slab16 Wrote: [ -> ]That Ruth & Bonds is sick!!
Id be interested in the King Felix AU
Like the Heyward
interested in the troy tulowitzki auto lmk
Interested in the posey, montero, and the hey ward. Please give me a look.
Interested in the posey auto montero auto and tulo auto..have more cards not in bucket...
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