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looking to move these game used. many are not in my org so lmk what you like and we'll work something out. looking for brewers refractors, gu or low bv autos but open to alot.
[Image: img139.jpg]
[Image: img138.jpg]
[Image: img137.jpg]
[Image: img140.jpg]
I could use the Wagner GU in the Sox uniform.
Offer sent
I may be interested in the Heyward if you'll let it go for something small. Haven't been investing much in him since his future is kinda up in the air, but I like that card and would take it for the right deal. Go ahead and check me if you'd like.
check me for mags heyward larkin carter pm/send offer if interested
Do you have any lineage base mini's?
(10-02-2011 07:43 PM)bigt314 Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have any lineage base mini's?

yeah, like 5 or so
Could maybe use the Heyward, Barbaro, and Hanson Topps Chrome auto

PM me if you want to work on it
check me for the bruce almighty relic and the heyward if the other deal falls through
Check me for the Maybin and Carter please.
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