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Looking for the help as I need to find a frank patrick card, the frank patrick#1 from 1910 C56 Imperial Tobacco.

I am looking for a reasonably priced card. As while there is 1 on ebay the seller wants far to much and found a PSA 5 and a PSA 4 but those where far to costly for my use.

I'm ok with a graded PSA/BVG of 1 but of course would like higher graded if pricing was good and also ok to look at buying something ungraded.

PM or reply back with what you have or if you have ideas on who to contact send me their email or phone # as I'm more then happy to reach out to private collectors or dealers.

Thanks! for the help
i haven't seen any but best of luck

one guy might have had one at the show but i didn't talk to he his prices are higher then most vintage dealers
to early for me but ill keep an eye out for ya,
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