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Kinda bummed, as every other box I've seen had one, but you win some you lose some. Here were what the ten packs had to offer...

Rookie Redemption = wild card #234
Legend: 116 Mike Bossey
Star: 149 Eric Staal
Rookies: 159 John Moore
161 Tomas Vincour
Base Parallel: gold "Star" 147 Jonathan Toews #19/25 (jersey #, so kinda cool)

And the hits, in no particular order because they weren't that amazing...

Ray Bourque Treasured Swatches (PC, NFT)
[Image: 11-12ArtifactsTreasuredSwatches-RayBourque.jpg]

Tyler Ennis Autofacts
[Image: 11-12ArtifactsAutofacts-TylerEnnis.jpg]

Lars Eller Frozen Artifacts
[Image: 11-12ArtifactsFrozenArtifacts-LarsEller.jpg]

Gerbe and Stafford Tundra Tandems
[Image: 11-12ArtifactsTundraTandems-GerbeandStafford.jpg]

Everything but the Bourque is for trade for my PC wants. Can't say this box really hit it out of the park, it was weak even compared to my last one.

Thanks for looking anyway,

And by request, here's a scan of the Toews eBay 1/1, haha...

[Image: 10-11Artifactsgold-JonathanToews.jpg]
Nice Toews

I would have to agree, that box would have been a major let down. At least you got a PC card so it softens the blow a little bit.
could have been a bigger kick to the junk or could have been better but not bad
Decent box. At least you got the Bourque card for your PC.
Sweet Break
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