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*** I know Carl is awesome - but you got to let those cards go.... to me!!***

Hey all - I am looking to TF Carl Edwards cards that I don't have - I only have a little over 100 and I know there are a lot more out there.

Let me know if you have any and I will check your ORG - I prefer to trade, but would buy for the right card/right price.

Always looking for Carl Edwards, and have a lot of JJ, Jeff Gordon, Stewart, Harvick, Martin and lots of inserts available.


Take a look at my org.
(10-08-2011 02:16 PM)jeffgordonracing24 Wrote: [ -> ]Take a look at my org.

Running out to a card show - then will check when I get back - Thanks!

Did you get ALL the ones you needed of mine in our recent trade?
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