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My first time buying Triple Threads has yielded good results, I like the product this year.

I already posted the results of my first box, and today I went back for my second, plus a pack. I also traded my buddy for two of his hits, and he gave me the Pagan out of disgust, so here's my 2 1/2 boxes worth, plus some. I also have a whole bunch of base if folks need them. I'll get this all added to my org once it's in the database, but lemme know if you want something in the meantime. Cheers.

[Image: ttt01.jpg]
Ripken 6/9 - Mauer 7/27 (jersey #) - Halladay 16/18 - Pagan 66/99 - Rasmus 13/50 - Jackson 18/25 - Stanton 49/50
[Image: ttt02.jpg]
Fielder 27/36 - Indians 7/36 - Castro 1/9 - Castro Blue 2/3 - Posey 30/99 - Six Relic 08/27
Wow those are nice. Like the outfield legends!! Big $$$$ there!! Castros are cool to. Let me know if you are trading the Indians triple. And if you got any heyward or Santana or jeter base. Thanks
Keep me in mind for the Stanton AU. Thanks!
check me for any of the players in my sig
put me in line for the stanton too please
Stick me in line for the Austin Jackson and Rasmus please
Pretty sick legends.
Love the oufield legends! I probably don't have anything good for it but check me for it anyway and also interested in the Ripken
That redemption is going to be sweet! Congrats!
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