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Full Version: Nineof's BGS love.
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I've really been getting into BGS cards lately. I've been buying some and grading some myself.

If the card has a crummy grade (i.e. lower than a 9) it's safe to assume I had it graded myself. Lol. Much like breaking product, I have the worst luck with grading. It's all good though. The cards I grade myself is more about protection and the look of the card in the slab more than the actual grade itself. Smile

Finally got myself one of those NFL Shield cards and got it graded.

2006 Playoff National Treasures Material Prime NFL Logo #74 Carson Palmer 01/01
[Image: 00153.jpg]
[Image: 00154.jpg]
very nice looking card... I've yet to get a shield!!!!
(09-30-2011 07:49 AM)soccerscrub Wrote: [ -> ]very nice looking card... I've yet to get a shield!!!!

Thanks, soccerscrub! I hope you can get one real soon. Hopefully, you're not like me though. Seeing other peoples' NFL Shield cards for their perspective PC's always made me feel like I had a giant hole in my collection for whatever reason (probably jealousy Tongue). Finally getting one does feel great though. Smile
Sweet brother!! i love that look of a 1/1 shield in the slab.. if i had more room i would slab both my sets..
and yes,grading is tough.. not much difference from a 9 to a 9.5 from the naked eye
Wow. That just looks fantastic! I too have yet to get a NFL shield for the Wisco PC. And there's plenty of em out there...grrrrr
Very nice bro and like chi said grading is tuff it's hard to tell by the naked eye on stuff, centering is the hardest to judge IMO
very nice...Smile
Great card Nine!! I see you are haunted by the same subscore issues that I have. Do I see 3 9.5's and one 8.5 on that??

Anyhow, it's a 1/1, so a 9 is an awesome grade!! Can't wait for you to show off a few more of those in the near future!
wow very nice man!
That is so cool!
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