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i have an all access subsciption, but when i try to calculate the price of my collection it says 0.00? why is this?
Do you have a quantity recorded in the HAVE column? If not, I don't believe it will calculate for you.
Ok, I think you're right. I have 626 items but 0 haves. How do I add them to my have column?
I do believe I have looked everywhere in the Organize section, but I am unable to figure out how to put my cards into the Have column? could really use some help on this. Thanx.
just enter a quantity into the have column. you can use auto-fill to o them all at once
I do not see an actual HAVE column, just a banner above my list of cards that says i have 0 haves. this is becoming a huge pain in the *****. why is the organize so non user friendly?
Click the layout button and choose the 'trade' layout and the HAVE column will show up.
Thank you CEOCARDS!!
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