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I have the 2010 UD World of Sports Athletes of the World (or whatever it's called lol) autograph and am wondering if it's a SP or something.I've searched online and haven't found a listed or sold copy you know where.Just wondering if it's something good or not.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks!!
(09-28-2011 01:53 PM)slufan83 Wrote: [ -> ]Doesn't look like it was a SP:

I wonder if it's one of those doesn't have a price cards.I'm amazed that I can't find any listed or sold.Maybe google will turn up something.Knowing my luck it's a common or something,lol.Thanks for the help!!
Being from Ohio and close to where Rich Franklin is from (West Chester/Cincinnati)....the card shows up at Card Shows here on a regular basis. It sells for $10-20.
you may get more on ebay though.. there are a few guys on there paying 2-3x what cards are actally worth. I've noticed it more than a couple times on franklins cards lately.
The Round 1 Auto was VERY hard to find. Whether it is a short print officially it is very difficult to locate on the secondary market.
i believe they were redemption replacements? not sure though but ive seen them sell as low as $30.
I have seen that as well but I would be shocked if you see one sell for less tham 50 any time soon. I do feel the lot that was over a 100 was out of line but the 70 is close to normal.
Thanks for the help.I was hoping it would be something decent.I only paid $1 for it at the lcs so I guess I will end up doing pretty good on it. Smile
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