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Selling these 6 Freeman X-Fractors. Just PM me with your best offer. Willing to ship first.

Willing to trade one?
I'm willing to break them up for anything associated with Eddie Robinson.
Just kidding Smile We can work something out if you're willing to trade something over-value of the Freeman taking into consideration the Vizcaino deal. Freeman X-REF have been averaging about $30 on ebay and one sold for $45. We can make it work if you have something in that $30-$45 range.
I'd love to trade for one as well
Ok, maybe we can work something out

I've been in hopes of getting a 9.5 copy that I had discussed with a member in the past but hasn't came together
(09-26-2011 05:32 PM)thepointguard_10 Wrote: [ -> ]I'd love to trade for one as well

I'm looking to sell over trading. However, I would be willing to trade if I can make a profit over the Freeman worth.
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