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Full Version: 2 Boxes of Artifacts
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BOX 1:
Lance Bouma RC #573/999
Nathan Gerbe/Drew Stafford Tundra Tandems Blue #013/225 (dual jersey)
Mike Bossy Hockey Legend Emerald #22/99 (jersey number!)
Avalanche RC Redemption
Marian Gaborik Star #074/999
Dustin Byfuglien Frozen Artifacts Horizontal Emerald #31/35 (jersey/patch)
Luc Robitaille Hockey Legend #528/999
Martin Brodeur Dual Jersey #026/125
Colton Sceviour RC #415/999
Jamie Benn AutoFacts

BOX 2:
Teemu Hartikainen RC #098/999
Wayne Gretzky Hockey Legend Emerald #92/99
Rangers RC Redemption
Carey Price Star #122/999
Drew Stafford Dual Jersey #020/125
Alex Ovechkin/Nicklas Backstrom Tundra Tandems Blue #047/225 (dual jersey)
Jarome Iginla Star #824/999
Marian Gaborik Treasured Swatches Blue #099/135 (dual jersey)
Andre Benoit RC #456/999
Autographed RC Redemption XII
Karl Alzner AutoFacts

No Stepans for me (not even a base!) -- but I'm a fan of Artifacts.

[Image: Scan18.jpg]
Those are some nice cards.
Nice auto redemption
Nice hit on the Auto Rc Redemption. What are the odds on those?
Auto redemptions are 1:160 and each will be #'d to 99
If the ovi/backstroms for trade lmk!
nice rookie auto redemption
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