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Here we have 2 Troy Tulowitzki Auto I am asking $80.00 delievered
[Image: scan0327-2.jpg]

Here are 3 Nick Swisher cards 2 are 1 of 1's and 2 have Auto's $160.00 delievered.
[Image: scan0328-1.jpg]

2011 Topps Platinum #155 Alex Rodriguez $200.00 delievered.
[Image: scan0330-1.jpg][Image: scan0331-2.jpg]

Ryan Braun Prince Fielder 6 Auto $250.00 delievered
[Image: scan0332-2.jpg]

2005 Diamond Kings HOF Heroes Framed Red Platinum Babe Ruth $200.00 delievered.
[Image: scan0333-1.jpg][Image: scan0334-1.jpg]

2005 Upper Deck Hall Of Fame Class Of Cooperstown Patch Auto Gold Harmon Killebrew $200.00 delievered.
[Image: scan0335-1.jpg]
Id be interested in the tulos possibly. I believe you're right around book value for both if you'd come down i may be interested in buying those
Let me know if you could break the Swish lot up. I could really use that letter "A"
how much for the 2 1/1s of swisher and how is the grade on them?
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