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As a recap,

#1 - Justin Houston BGS 9.5/10 Auto
#2 - Brandon Flowers Contenders Auto RC and Tyson Jackson Letterman "J"

#3 - This bad boy
[Image: IMAG0482.jpg]

Sorry bud, but I guess it's just human nature that things happen in 3's....can't help it....I hate myself....feel free to send back....
You know I started to look at another thread and I saw sorry Lumpy out the corner of my eye. Now I'm sitting hear racking my brain thinking man what could that be lol I'm also thinking I'm in a deep enough hole as it is and it's gonna take a ton to pay you back.
As long as that's not a maxi pad it's all good lol.
Come to think of it bro you need to check your math

T Jax

New package

But hey I'm not complaining just sayin lmao
(09-23-2011 12:54 AM)deuce6000 Wrote: [ -> ]As long as that's not a maxi pad it's all good lol.

LOL, Duece you crack me up Big Grin
Hahhahahah Deuce....too bad the package is already sealed and ready to ship otherwise I may have just thrown one in.

I should just wait about 6 months to send this out...
Plus there's a reason why this package had to be picked up, which will all make sense when it gets there Tongue
lol... oh boy
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