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I thought it was weird that nobody was talking about this. I know it is a card forum, but I think this is still relevant. I am a Rangers fan, and I would have chosen Tampa to make the playoffs over Boston all season long, but I'm not so sure now. Looks like Boston might be having a melt down of epic proportions. BoSox fans are you worried, or do you think they will pull it out in the end? I think the only ray of sunshine at this point is that the Rays have 7 of their last 10 against NYY, 4 of them @ NY. Thoughts?
Boston needs to get healthy quickly! If I was a Rangers fan, I'd want the Red Sox to limp in so I could clobber 'em. It's gonna be close though. Definitely worth watching.
I hope the Rays can pull it off. Go RAYS!
go rays!
I'll have to say I'm getting bored of seeing NYY, BOS and even TB in the playoffs.... I want to see some fresh faces (or uniforms) for a change. Smile

I think BOS will make it, though.
I hope so. I hate the Red Sox, and the Rays are probably my 2nd favorite AL team after the A's
The Blue Jays get screwed with this division, ha
Jays are a good team, but it is just tough like you said in the East. I actually want toe Red Sox to make it in because we have had a decent time against them this year.
As a Yankee fan, I would love to see an epic collapse of the Red Sox continue and see the Rays overtake them for the Wild Card since most sportscasters predicted the Red Sox to go all the way to the World Series this year and probably win it. However, that would mean my Yankees would have to have an epic collapse as well since we have a ton of games against Tampa left. It must be killing Red Sox fans to have to sit there and root for the Theo Epstein coined Evil Empire these last two weeks.
Red Sox are about to return to their pre 2004 ability.

I don't even care if the Yankees are in the series... I just don't want to see the Red Sox, Phillies or Giants there. EVER.

Anyway, I'd love a Yankees/Braves series.
Oh how i hope the Sox choke. I'd much rather face the Rays than Boston in the playoffs.
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