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everything here is ft. The Dawson, Cepeda, and Alomar Autos are PC, so I will likely only let them go for other similar autos, or HOF Rookie Cards, possibly some vintage that I dont already have. The other stuff I will be more flexible on. LMK. The Cepeda is #/5. The Sexson, Brown, Patterson, Mora, Hatteberg, Abreu, Russ Ortiz, and the other Kevin Brown at the end are all 1/1s.

[Image: CCF09192011_00007.jpg]
[Image: CCF09192011_00008.jpg]
[Image: CCF09192011_00009.jpg]
[Image: CCF09192011_00010.jpg]
[Image: CCF09192011_00011.jpg]
[Image: CCF09192011_00012.jpg]
[Image: CCF09192011_00013.jpg]
[Image: CCF09192011_00014.jpg]
[Image: CCF09192011_00015.jpg]
check me for all the 1/1's
Open offer sent.
Can you check me for the perry/lincecum dual thanks
Check my for the Lincecums. Thanks!
check me for the linecum Perry dual thanks
Interested in the alomar super swatch
your holding out on me man, I need the Alomar auto and swatch and maybe the Cepeda too
Please PM me on the Russ Ortiz, would like to work something out on it
Very interested in the Molitor Baseball Heroes and Mets Alomar Tools of the Trade. PM me.
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