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Full Version: New Banner Too Big?
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just finished this new banner for myself (finally got my laptop fixed so i have photoshop back!!) and was just curious if it was too large.

P.S. i will NOT be taking requests
Its fine Wink
Ditto! It is a good size. I am just glad to see that SOMEONE is concerned about their SIG banner being the right size. Most members don't care and then get pissy when you tell them it is too large.
Rogue--yours can actually be a little bigger and still work out well!
Either way, it looks good!
Love the look of that banner, great work!
Nice banner... Too bad you are "NOT" taking requests...Wink
How do you cut the signatures out of the pictures ?
Looks good to me
(09-18-2011 11:12 AM)ironman71635 Wrote: [ -> ]How do you cut the signatures out of the pictures ?

find an image of the players auto. zoom in and use the magnetic lasso tool just like youre cutting a player out. then i use color overlay to make all the sigs the same color. (i use the sharpen option under the filter button if the cut isnt smooth enough for my liking)

thanks for the kind words everyone!

I will make sigs for people but it will just be something i do if im in the mood. if i just take requests i get swamped and people get mad if they dont get theirs done right away. its too much hassle and time. i learned that from the last banner request thread i had
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