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Friday 02/17 Mailday...

[Image: scan0001-96.jpg]
Luke Wilcox 1997 Topps "Bowman" Black Ink Auto.....This was another of those annoying cheap cards that took me awihle to finally get. I also found it hard to get 1 without scratches, dents and other assorted flaws on them. This is like my 5th one.
[Image: scan0002-49.jpg]
Mike Mussina 2003 Donruss "Leaf Limited" Timber GU bat #16/25
And a little B-Ball as well...
[Image: scan0003-5.jpg]
DeJuan Blair 2011 Panini "Certified" Fabric Of The game 3X GU Patches #17/25...I like the triple 3-color patch pieces on this.
Saturday 02/18 Mailday

Got this from a great member, swjrp10
[Image: scan0001-9.jpg]
Tim Redding 2003 Donruss "Champions" Auto W/ 'Reddog #57' Inscription #347/375
Thursday 02/23 Gold Mailday

[Image: scan0001-49.jpg]
Santonio Holmes 2011 Panini "Gold Standard" Golden Anniversary 14K Gold Piece/Auto #4/10.....Mainly got this for the gold piece, and also because I need Santonio for my Jets PC.
Thursday 03/01 and Friday 03/02 Maildays

[Image: scan0004-16.jpg]
Roger Clemens 2005 Donruss "Prime Cuts" Timeline Jersey #7/10
[Image: scan0003-29.jpg]
Deivi Mendez 2001 Topps "Reserve" PSA Auto #197/1500
[Image: scan0002-51.jpg]
Andy Beal 2001 Topps "Reserve" PSA Auto #683/1500....Does anybody know the deal with these cards? They say only the first 555 copies were autographed, but I'm not sure about that.

And a little basketball now.
[Image: scan0005.jpg]
Marcus Camby 2001 Upper Deck "Black Diamond" Game Gear Practice Jersey Patch
[Image: scan0001-23.jpg]
Slavko Vranes 2004 Topps "Bowman Signature" Silver Jumbo Jersey/Auto #117/249
Wednesday 03/07 and Thursday 03/08 Mailday

[Image: scan0002-53.jpg]
Lindy McDaniel 2004 Upper Deck "Yankees Classics" Classic Scripts Auto
[Image: scan0001-98.jpg]
Ed Figueroa 2004 Upper Deck "Yankees Classics" Classic Scripts Auto
[Image: scan0002-52.jpg]
Billy Gardner 2011 Tristar "Signa Cuts" Bronx Edition Red Cut Auto #3/5
[Image: scan0001-64.jpg]
Drew Henson 2003 Donruss "Signature Series" Notations Auto #16/73
[Image: scan0003-30.jpg]
Kevin Brown 2004 Topps "Bazooka" Bazooka Adventures Refractor GU Jersey #13/25
[Image: scan0001-97.jpg]
Brian Doyle 2003 Upper Deck "Yankees Signature Series" Pride Of New York Auto
[Image: scan0003-1.jpg]
Craig Yeast 2002 Pacific "Private Stock Reserve" Jersey# GU Jersey #35/84
(03-11-2012 08:50 PM)nlsn200 Wrote: [ -> ]sweet pickups

Thanks, just trying to accomplish my team PC's.
Wednesday 03/14 Mailday

[Image: scan0001-99.jpg]
Michel Hernandez 2003 Donruss "Leaf Certified Materials" New Generation Mirror Gold Auto #11/25.....This is yet another of those no-name low numbered autos that are so hard to find, and find in good shape.
Nice collection! 5 Star Thread!
Finally got some new maildays in

[Image: scan0001-102.jpg]
Tex Clevenger 2012 Topps "Heritage" Red Ink Auto #46/63
[Image: scan0002-54.jpg]
Jesus Montero 2012 Topps "Tribute" Red GU Patch #5/10
[Image: scan0001-101.jpg]
Paul O'Neill 2012 Topps "Tribute" Gold GU Bat #11/15
[Image: scan0001-100.jpg]
Brian Bruney 2004 Upper Deck USA Baseball GU Jersey
[Image: scan0002-10.jpg]
Bill Walker 2010 Panini "Pestigious Pros" Black GU Jersey #20/25
[Image: scan0002-15.jpg]
Malik Hairston 2008 Upper Deck "SP Rookie Threads" Auto
Wednesday 04/11 mailday

[Image: scan0001-103.jpg]
Wade Boggs 2012 Topps "Tribute" World Series Gold GU Bat #4/15
Nice Boggs GU Bat! I like the design! Congrats! I also always love how you throw in a few basketball pick ups!
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