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Saturday 11/19 mailday

[Image: scan0001-75.jpg]
Jay Johnstone 2010 Tristar "Signa Cuts" Bronx Edition Auto #4/5.....I like these as they are usually the only designated Yankees autos of most of the featured players in this set, but alot show them in other teams uniforms.
Monday 11/21 mailday

[Image: scan0001-76.jpg]
Jason Jones 2004 Upper Deck "SP Prospect" Auto #170/400...Oh well nobody big, but was needed for my collection.
Wednesday 11/23 B-Ball Style

[Image: scan0001-20.jpg]
Landry Fields 2011 Panini "National Treasures" NBA Gear 3X Patch #42/49
Friday 11/25 Mailday

[Image: scan0001-77.jpg]
Bernie Williams 1999 Pacific "Revolution" Foul Pole Net Fusions GU Netting
Saturday 11/26 mailday

[Image: scan0001-44.jpg]
Alex Van Dyke 1997 Skybox "Autographics" Auto
Monday 11/28 Mailday......Dutch Style

[Image: scan0001-21-1.jpg]
Kiki Vandeweghe 2011 Panini "National Treasures" Legend Jersey #77/99
Friday 12/02 and Saturday 12/03 Mailday

[Image: scan0003-24.jpg]
Tommy John 2005 Donruss "Leaf Certified Materials" Fabric Of The Game Jersey Number GU Jersey #2/25
[Image: scan0002-40.jpg]
Ron Guidry 2005 Donruss "Leaf Certified Materials" Fabric Of The Game Jersey Number GU Pants #14/49
[Image: scan0001-79.jpg]
Luis Tiant 2005 Donruss "Leaf Certified Materials" Fabric Of The Game GU Pants #13/100
These fabric of the game cards are my 2nd favorite cards after Absolute Memorabilia tools of the trade cards
[Image: scan0001-78.jpg]
Brett Gardner 2011 Topps "Marquee" Mementos 4X GU patch/jersey/jersey/jersey #177/199
There are actually 2 patch pieces in the same window, and both are 2-color. The left hand patch has a black piece hidden under the GU window.
Thursday 12/08 and Friday 12/09 maildays

[Image: scan0002-41.jpg]
Bobby Abreu 2007 Upper Deck "SPX" Winning Materials GU Patch #39/99
[Image: scan0001-45.jpg]
Al Toon 2001 Topps "Archives Reserve" 1986 Topps Reprint GU Patch.....This was such a hard card for me to find.
Saturday 12/10 COMC mailday

[Image: scan0004-14.jpg]
Tommy Henrich 2001 Upper Deck "Timeless Teams" GU Bat
[Image: scan0003-26.jpg]
Mark Melancon 2008 Topps "Bowman Sterling" Black Refractor Auto #22/25
[Image: scan0002-43.jpg]
Brian Rogers 2001 Donruss "Leaf Rookies & Stars" Auto #/250 Copies
[Image: scan0001-82.jpg]
Brett Jodie 2003 Donruss "Team Heroes" Auto #/250 Copies
[Image: scan0001-81.jpg]
Aaron Boone 2005 Donruss "Prime Patches" Major League Materials GU Number Patch #16/53
[Image: scan0001-80.jpg]
Randy Flores 2002 Topps "Bowman" Auto
[Image: scan0007-13.jpg]
Mike Jerzembeck 1999 Topps "Bowman" Auto
[Image: scan0003-25.jpg]
Erick Almonte 2001 Upper Deck "SPX" SPX Prospect Jersey GU Jersey
[Image: scan0004-13.jpg]
Kevin Brown 2005 Donruss "Diamond Kings" Materials Gold Dual GU Bat #30/50
[Image: scan0002-42.jpg]
Cecil Fielder 2005 Topps "Bazooka" Bazooka Fun Fact GU Bat
[Image: scan0005-17.jpg]
Mike Lowell 2005 Donruss "Playoff Absolute Memorabilia" Tools Of The Trade Jumbo Jersey #32/200
[Image: scan0006.jpg]
Matthew Hatchette 2001 Private Stock GU Jersey
[Image: scan0001-21.jpg]
Charles Oakley 2011 Panini "Certified" Fabric Of The Game Jumbo Jersey Number GU Jumbo Patch #11/25
Love the Ron Guidry
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