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(09-01-2012 08:08 PM)jtwellsnyy51188 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice stuff. Always enjoy checking out Yankee cards...

So you just collect any and all Yankee cards?

Pretty much. Im trying to collect a game used/ auto or auto, jersey card, patch card, bat card, and a unique-ish game used card, such as a hat or shoe of every yankee they make one of. I also want to ty to get the lowest serial numbered ones possible. I also try to do the equivalent with my other favorite teams in other sports. Thanks for looking.
(09-01-2012 08:55 PM)jeterfan5128 Wrote: [ -> ]im loving all the yankee stuff very cool! keep it up!

I'll try lol. Its sorta hard to find new stuff on the bay or other sites now. Thanks.
Saturday 09/08 mailday..These were 2 tough cards to find in good shape.

[Image: scan0001-120.jpg]
Roy White 2001 Upper Deck "Legends Of NY" GU Bat/Auto
[Image: scan0001-118.jpg]
Don Zimmer 2002 Fleer Classic Cuts GU Jersey
Got another mailday card to post.

[Image: scan0001-121.jpg]
Bill Dickey 2007 Topps "Triple Threads" 3X GU Warm-Up Shirt, #14/36

And a few Admiral cards my friend gave me
[Image: scan0005-21.jpg]
[Image: scan0004-18.jpg]
[Image: scan0003-35.jpg]
[Image: scan0001-122.jpg]
[Image: scan0002-67.jpg]
Newest maildays..

[Image: scan0001-123.jpg]
Michael Vento 2004 Upper Deck "SP Authentic" Auto #166/199...This was the wrong card i got. Was trying to get the auto numbered to #/195
[Image: scan0002-68.jpg]
John Olerud 2005 Donruss "Leather & Lumber" GU Bat #18/250
[Image: scan0001-122.jpg]
Alberto Gonzalez 2008 Upper Deck "A Piece Of History" Blue Auto #18/50
[Image: scan0002-67.jpg]
Tino Martinez 2005 Donruss "Prime Patches" Quad Logo/Team/Number/Name Plate Patch #23/30
[Image: scan0003-35.jpg]
Wade Boggs 2005 Donruss "Greats" Dual Game Used Hat/Bat/Auto #/d 31 Copies
Very nice. Love the Martinez and other Yanks stuff.
Very nice!
great additions. I really like the Catfish Hunter
This weeks mailday pickups

[Image: scan0002-69.jpg]
Jesse Barfield 2012 Leaf "Memories" Buyback 1990 Leaf Auto #19/29
[Image: scan0001-124.jpg]
Jackson Melian 2000 Upper Deck "SP Top Prospects" GU Bat/Auto #21/25

And this guy
[Image: scan0003-36.jpg]
Curtis Granderson 2012 Topps "Triple Threads" Dual GU Prime Jerseys/ Letter N/Auto #1/3...This is also my 1st booklet card
That Granderson is insane!!!
(12-24-2012 08:04 PM)nyyankeesfan28 Wrote: [ -> ]That Granderson is insane!!!

Thanks, it was part of my Christmas present to myself lol.
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