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Wednesday 05/09 Mailday

[Image: scan0001-109.jpg]
Jesus Montero 2012 Topps "Museum Collection" Momentous Materials GU Jumbo Jersey #3/35
Thursday 05/10 and Friday 05/11 Maildays

[Image: scan0001-111.jpg]
Brett Gardner 2011 Topps "Marquee" Quad Bat #10/199
[Image: scan0001-110.jpg]
Brett Gardner 2012 Topps "Gypsy Queen" Yellow Printing Plate #1/1
Last weeks small mailday

[Image: scan0002-57.jpg]
Andy Cannizaro 2007 Upper Deck "Premier" Paralell Auto #18/25. This card was so hard to find.
[Image: scan0001-112.jpg]
Wes Hodges/Zach McAllister 2011 Topps "Pro Debut" Dual Auto
Friday 05/25 and Saturday 05/26 Maildays

[Image: scan0002-58.jpg]
Tommy Henrich 2011 Panini "Prime Cuts" Timeline Materials Custom Nickname Jumbo Jersey #8/25
[Image: scan0001-113.jpg]
Eric Duncan 2003 Topps "Bowman Chrome" XFractor Auto #/250 Copies.....This is just an upgrade auto for Duncans PC collection.
This weeks pickups. Not much, the goings been slow lately.
[Image: scan0001-114.jpg]
Jim Kaat 2001 Upper Deck "Gold Glove" GU Jersey...This is my Kaat jersey card for his Yankee PC collection. I wish they had a Yankee jersey card of him.
[Image: scan0002-59.jpg]
Casey Stengel 2007 Upper Deck "Sweet Spot Classic" GU Patch #43/55
[Image: scan0003-10.jpg]
Allan Houston 2004 Fleer "Patchworks" Licensed Apparel GU Patch #9/150
Friday 06/15 and Saturday 06/16 Maildays

[Image: scan0003-31-1.jpg]
Julio DePaula 2002 Topps "Bowman's Best" Gold Version Auto #'d/50 Copies.....Yet another of those cheap, almost impossible to find cards for me.
[Image: scan0002-60.jpg]
Wes Hodges 2011 Topps "Pro Debut" Solo Signature Auto (Columbus Clippers Uniform)
[Image: scan0001-24.jpg]
Antonio McDyess 2003 Upper Deck "MVP" MVP Material Game Worn Warm-Up
Last weeks flea market finds

[Image: scan0001-115.jpg]
Brian Buchanon 1994 Signature Rookies Auto #7038/7750
[Image: scan0002-61.jpg]
Steve Shoemaker 1994 Signature Rookies Auto #3434/7750
[Image: scan0003-31.jpg]
Russ Davis 1994 Signature Rookies Auto #4568/8650
[Image: scan0001-92.jpg]
Matt Drews 1994 Signature Rookies Auto #738/8650

I paid $2 for all 4, not bad. $.50 cents a piece for 4 former Yankees prospect autos
Its been awhile, but i finally got my new pickups scanned. Here we go..
[Image: scan0002-65.jpg]
Austin Romine 2012 Topps "Finest" Red Refractor GU Jumbo Patch/Auto #17/25
[Image: scan0005-20.jpg]
Wily Mo Pena 2006 Bowman Buyback (2000 Bowman) Auto #73/79
[Image: scan0003-34.jpg]
Alfonso Soriano 2003 Topps "Pristine" GU Bat #12/25
[Image: scan0001-119.jpg]
Tim Battle 2008 Tristar "Projections" Yellow Foil Auto #23/25
[Image: scan0004-17.jpg]
Zolio Almonte 2008 Tristar "Projections" Green Auto #28/50
[Image: scan0002-64.jpg]
Gil McDougald 2000 Upper Deck "Yankees Legends" GU Jersey/Auto
[Image: scan0003-32.jpg]
Gil McDougald 2004 Upper Deck "Sweet Spot Classic" GU Patch #16/31.....This was a huge card for me.
[Image: scan0003-33.jpg]
Esteban Loaiza 2005 Donruss "Diamond Kings" Framed Black Dual GU Bat/Auto #1/1
[Image: scan0002-63.jpg]
Nick Johnson 2004 Donruss "AbsoluteMemorabilia" Black Spectrum TOTT 3X GU Shoe/Prime Jersey/Bat #6/10

And some more....
[Image: scan0001-116.jpg]
Mark Teixeria 2012 Panini "Limited" GU Glove #196/299
[Image: scan0002-62.jpg]
Dioner Navarro 2005 Fleer "Classic Clippings" Gold Auto #2/25
[Image: scan0005-19.jpg]
Catfish Hunter 2010 Topps "Triple Threads" Sepia 3X GU Bat #3/27
[Image: scan0008-11.jpg]
Rondell White 2002 Topps "Traded & Rookies" GU Bat
[Image: scan0001-117.jpg]
Willie Randolph 2012 Panini "Limited" GU Glove #200/299
[Image: scan0004-3.jpg]
Danny Tartabull 1996 Donruss "Leaf Signature Series" Silver Auto #/d 1000 Copies
[Image: scan0009-4.jpg]
Bilal Powell 2012 Panini "National Treasures" 3X GU Patch/Football/Patch #40/49

And a few more.....
[Image: scan0001-50.jpg]
Richie Anderson 2001 Pacific "Private Stock" GU Jersey
[Image: scan0007-1.jpg]
Rory Sparrow 2012 Panini "Past & Present" Auto
[Image: scan0006-1.jpg]
Spencer Haywood 2012 Panini "Limited" GU Jersey/Auto #24/49
[Image: scan0001-25.jpg]
Glen Rice 2011 Panini "National Treasures" GU Jersey/Auto #4/49
[Image: scan0001-26.jpg]
Anthony Mason 2012 Panini "Past & Present" Auto
[Image: scan0001-14.jpg]
George Gervin 2012 Panini "Limited" GU Patch/Auto #1/25
[Image: scan0002-16.jpg]
Boris Diaw 2012 Panini "Limited" GU Jumbo Patch #23/25
Nice stuff. Always enjoy checking out Yankee cards...

So you just collect any and all Yankee cards?
im loving all the yankee stuff very cool! keep it up!
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