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(04-13-2012 02:54 AM)crazy4cardz Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Boggs GU Bat! I like the design! Congrats! I also always love how you throw in a few basketball pick ups!

Wel baseball is my main thing, but I also have PC collections for my favorite teams in other sports. I'd think most people on the baseball boards might collect other sports as well, or would'nt mind seeing mine. Thanks for the compliment.
Tuesday 04/17 Mailday

[Image: scan0001-104.jpg]
Ricky Ledee 1999 Fleer "Skybox Autographics" Blue Ink Auto #12/50......Another of those annoying hard to find in good condition cards.

[Image: scan0002-11.jpg]
Spencer Haywood 2011 Panini "Elite Black Box" Elite Series 3-color Patch #28/49
Saturday 04/21 mailday

[Image: scan0001-105.jpg]
Curtis Granderson 2012 Topps "Museum Collection" Momentous Materials Platinum Jumbo Jersey #5/10
I like the stripes in that Jumbo Jersey! I didn't think I would be a big fan of the jumbo relics but I pulled a jumbo jersey of Reyes and decided they are pretty sick cards! Nice addition.
Great cards, love the pin tripes on the Jumbo Swatch.
Thanks everyone. Got some more Museum Collection and Tribute cards otw.
One of my favorite new additions

[Image: img0001cqev.jpg]
(04-25-2012 08:52 PM)PadresFan86 Wrote: [ -> ]One of my favorite new additions

[Image: img0001cqev.jpg]

Nice, I loved Gwynn growing up. I also loved those ugly brown uni's. I'm also looking 2 pickup the Yankees versions of those jumbo bat cards.
Wednesday-Today, 04/28 maildays

Start it off with a real winner lol.
[Image: scan0001-107.jpg]
A.J. Burnett 2012 Topps "Museum Collection" Jumbo Jersey #4/35
[Image: scan0002-55.jpg]
Andy Pettitte 2012 Topps "Tribute" Retired Remnants Gold Jersey #3/15
[Image: scan0001-106.jpg]
Jesus Montero 2012 Topps "Museum Collection" Primary Pieces Red Patch/3X Jersey #64/75
This is nice lol

[Image: scan0002-56.jpg]
Hector Noesi 2012 Topps "Museum Collection" Momentous Materials Jumbo 3-color Patch/Auto #7/10
Wednesday 05/03 Mailday. This 1 was a big find for me, i'd been looking for a nice card of his for awhile.

[Image: scan0001-108.jpg]
Goose Gossage 2005 Upper Deck "SP Legendary Cuts" Legendary Lineage GU Jersey/Auto #4/10
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